Esrog & Lulav Set (For Pickup)

Please select which types of sets you would like. After that “View Cart” to select the quantity.

• MOROCCAN (pitams only) esrogim are available in Mehudar Plus and Mehudar grades – ORDER BY SEPT 12.
• A limited number of Californian esrogim with pitams will be available (all grades) on pick-up day (first-come-first-served). They will be $15 extra, payable at pick up and they cannot be pre-ordered here.
• To assure a pitam, you must order a Moroccan.
• All other esrogim are WITHOUT Pitam.
• NO YANAVER are available this year.

Subject to availability, quality and in the absence of abnormal pricing, Mehudar and Mehudar Plus sets will be supplied with “Kulo” meshulash (non-continuous) hadassim.

PICK UP: Sunday 1st October 11am ONWARDS
Ohr Hatorah 6324 Churchill Way 75230
o First pick: (11am onwards) for those with Mehudar and Mehudar Plus in their order (even if you also have other items)
o Second pick (1.30pm onwards) – everyone else
o If you did not pre-order please come after 5pm.

A small number of customers are unable to check out. Almost all others can place their orders and we are unable to replicate this problem. If this happens to you, please send us your order by email ( with name, address and phone number and what you would like. We will contact you later for payment. Thanks

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