Esrog & Lulav Set (For Shipping)

Please select which types of sets you would like. After that “View Cart” to select the quantity.

PLEASE NOTE – PRICE for extra Aravos and Hadassim displayed is $5 less than final price, which will be adjusted at checkout.

Subject to availability, quality and in the absence of abnormal pricing, Mehudar and Mehudar Plus sets will be supplied with “Kulo” meshulash (non-continuous) hadassim.

Sets will be shipped to arrived October 11th or 13th. You should by October 11th receive a tracking number. Please track the package via and make sure it is in the system. If not call us at 469 939 5596. Once you receive your package, check everything and call us immediately if there is a problem. If you have not received your set by Friday 14th October you must call us. We will close down at noon (CDT) on Friday 14th October. Please refrigerate your willow and myrtle (NOT freezer) until assembling your set before the onset of Succot on Sunday 16th October.

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