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Which Varieties of Esrogim do you sell?

We have four types of Esrogim available, according to your preference (typical shapes shown for each variety). On special request only we can supply Esrogim from specific sources eg. Yanaver (Italy) or Morocco.


Braverman   Jan 25, 2006   [Total:3]

These Esrogim were attested to by Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, the Brisker Rav, who upon seeing a certain Esrog tree remarked "This is my tree". From this tree the Braverman family established their stock in Petach Tikva. A sub-strain of Braverman is the KIVILEVITZ variety.

Chazon Ish (Halpern)   Jan 25, 2006   [Total:2]

The Chazon Ish saw another Esrog and told its owner to planted its seeds. This gave rise to the HALPERN strain. It is unclear as to what difference was implied betweeen the Chazon Ish’s remark "This is an Esrog" for the Lefkowitz Esrog and instruction to plant what became the Halpern Esrog.

Chazon Ish (Lefkowitz)   Jan 25, 2006   [Total:2]

The Chazon Ish once saw a certain Esrog and pronounced "This is an Esrog". The seeds from that Esrog were planted by the RAMI (Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz) and have given rise to the LEFKOWITZ type.

Temani (Yemenite)   Jan 25, 2006   [Total:4]

Grown from Esrogim or trees imported by Yemenite Jews.

Yanaver   Nov 29, 2005   [Total:1]

Yanaver Etrogim derive their name from Genoa, the port in northern Italy through which most Italian etrogim were once shipped. The etrogim actually grow in the southern part of Italy in Calabria. Note the sturdy girth. There are only a few kosher Etrog orchards left in S. Italy, the other orchards are devoted to production of citrons for culinary use. This variety is favored by many Chasidim, especially Chabad (Lubavitch), based on a Midrash, that Moses was transported from Sinai to Italy to see exactly what a “fruit of the goodly tree” was. Chabad have cultivated a variety of this Etrog in Israel – called “Kfar Chabad”.

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