Esrog & Lulav Set – Mehudar Plus


Esrogim with a pitam are special order – please call us for price and availability. 

MOROCCAN esrogim have a PITAM. To ensure a PITAM, please order a Moroccan esrog. 

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Californian esrog (no pitam) comes with a pre-sorted Californian or Israeli lulav, aravos and higher grade hadassim (subject to quality, availabilty and normal pricing). 

Subject to availability, quality and in the absence of abnormal pricing, Mehudar and Mehudar Plus sets will be supplied with “Kulo” meshulash (non-continuous) hadassim.

We will know after Rosh Hashana if we have Californian Esrogim with a pitam. Yanaver esrogim may be limited this year. In both cases please call us for price and availability.


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Esrog types:

Any esrog, Braverman, Chazon Ish, Halpern, Moroccan +$30, Temani


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