Dallas Area Customers

Once again the needs of our local Dallas area customers will be handled by our friends at PRI HADAR, one of our long-time suppliers with whom we have worked for many years. It is owned by Rabbi Menachem Sirota (pictured here) of Lakewood, NJ and local Dallas operations are run by Rabbi Deon Nathan.

We encourage you all to support PRI HADAR who have taken over our base of operations at Congregation Ohr Hatorah. They continue to supply the same excellent Californian Esrogim enjoyed by our customers, as well as other varieties. 

It has been an honor and pleasure to supply Arba Minim to our friends in Dallas for over 20 years and we thank you all for your support. We would especially like to thank the many rabbis and others who have provided additional support in checking, answering halachic questions and just making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

For ordering and other information please contact:

Rabbi Deon Nathan 469 275 2233. – deon@thenathanfam.com

Rabbi Menachem Sirota – sirotaesrog@gmail.com and 908-216-1998.

For Dallas area customers, if local Dallas pick up is not possible, Arba Minim orders may be shipped via FEDEX, UPS etc. Please click here to order.

Our books T shirts (and stay tuned for our Jerusalem products) may be ordered here.