Welcome to the 5780/2019 Season

Wishing y’all a Shana Tova

David Wiseman (aka Zaide Reuven) and Yaakov Shlomo Rothberg (Esrogei California).

Sukkot begins Sunday evening October 13th 2019. 

ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 3pm EDT Thursday 3rd October. 2019.

Zaide Reuven’s Esrog will ONLY be supplying Arba sets through on-line or mail order. 


DALLAS CUSTOMERS – click here. We happily announce that our Dallas area customers will now be served by our friends at PRI HADAR.

If you would like to purchase esrogim for schnapps, jam, segulot, or if you have questions about growing esrogim etc., please call us AFTER Succot at 972 931 5596 or email to zrsesrog@aol.com
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