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David Wiseman (aka Zaide Reuven) and Yaakov Shlomo Rothberg (Esrogei California).

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Once again our Dallas area customers will be ably served by our friends at PRI HADAR.



We are happy to announce that the needs of our US retail mail order  customers will be now met by our friends at PRI HADAR

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Shuls, schools! Featuring Californian esrogim: Chazon Ish (Lefkowitz,  Halpern), Temani (Yemenite), Braverman, Kivilevitz. Also Moroccan & Yanaver (Calabrian). 

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If you would like to purchase esrogim for schnapps, jam, segulot, or if you have questions about growing esrogim etc., please contact us AFTER Succot.

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