Detailed book on how Tabernacles – Sukkot relates to the Messianic age.

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Tabernacles – Sukkot: When the Messiah Feasts with Jews and Gentiles

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With awesome eagerness Jews and Christians are anticipating the messianic age. We differ about the identity and role of the Messiah, but we agree that the messianic age will climax yearly in the Feast of Tabernacles. Jew and Gentile, Israel and the Nations, will worship together in peace according to Zechariah:
“It shall be that all those who are left over from the nations who had invaded Jerusalem will come up every year to worship the King Hashem, Master of Legions, and to celebrate the festival of Tabernacles (Succot)” (Zechariah 14:16)
The Jewish People have always understood the centrality of Tabernacles in the messianic age. Christians have begun to prepare for these times by incorporating Tabernacles into Church ritual, enhancing Fall Festivals or planning non-pagan, alternatives to Halloween. Using well referenced material from both traditions this book is written from an observant Jewish perspective, for all those who await the messianic age of peace.
Topics covered:

  • The messianic significance of Tabernacles
  • Final Judgment and Revival of the Dead
  • Who will share in the World to Come?
  • The Jewish Messiahs: Son of Joseph and Son of David
  • Tabernacles in Christian Theology
  •  Step by step guide to Tabernacles observance (from Leviticus 23) for Jews and – – Gentiles, including prayers, the Four Species, how to build a Succah

Essential reading for:
Jews and Noachides who wish:

    • to deepen their understanding of Succot and its Messianic significance 
    • to enhance their observance of Succot 

Christians who wish:

  • to understand how they will celebrate Tabernacles in the messianic era
  • to learn about their faiths Hebrew roots

This book has proved popular among many Sabbath observing “Christian” groups such as Seventh Day Adventists, Church of God, Josephites, Ephraimites etc.

We have undertaken this project in response to the many requests we receive from non-Jewish groups concerning Succot and the Four Species. We have acted only after consultation with Orthodox Rabbis, including a leading Posek. Please note that we are mainstream, observant Jews and not associated at all with any movement that seeks to evangelize Jews to Christianity or away from Torah observant Judaism. Please do not hesitate to call us for more information.