An Etrog Tree Grows in Fair Lawn

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The New York metropolitan area, along with a good portion of the Northeast, was socked with a major blizzard. In the Fair Lawn area, snow began falling on Sunday, the 26th, and lasted until Monday morning. It was hard to measure because of all the drifting, but the local paper listed our neighboring town of Paramus at 17 inches, so we will go with that as an estimate.
The esrog saplings made it through the storm in fine shape, kept warm in our family room. After the clouds broke, sun was streaming in through our south facing windows, so I set 4 of the saplings on the window ledge so that they could soak up the sun. The picture shows the saplings, with heavy drifted snow in the backyard.
Before last winter, I finally bought myself a really good snow blower, which I used three times last winter, and now to clean up after this storm. About ten years ago, the “experts” were predicting that with the advent of global warming, our winters would moderate. Now, they are saying that with the warmer atmosphere, increased moisture and the melting of the arctic ice into the oceans, we are going to have more and bigger snowstorms. In fact, 4 out of 6 of New York City’s biggest storms have occurred in the past 10 years. So I think the snow blower will get some use……