Lulavim this year? Zaide Reuven’s Esrog Farm leads the lulav supply

Zaide Reuven’s Esrog Farm once again leads with the lulav supply.

Our decision last year to completely abandon the the use of Egyptian lulavim turned out to be a good. one.  We had plenty of beautiful lulavim without the panic shown by major suppliers who called us just before Rosh Hashana asking us to get for them 100,000 lulavim – because they realised that they were unlikely to get any lulavim from Egypt. Some did hit the streets of New York just after Yom Kippur but only after the some very colorful stories about what happened in Egypt as well as a hold up in US Customs in NY relieved only by the last hour intervention of congressmen. The price was $7 or $8 for a lulav that was not very good. I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Events in Egypt continue to worsen the prospects for Egyptian lulavim and suppliers seem to be worried.   When will people learn to stop looking for a metzia in Mitzraim instead of a yetzia from Mitzraim? Some of the supply will be alleviated by increased production in Israel as well as California. But there are no logistics on the ground in California, except perhaps for what we have set up.  Some people see this as a way to make a quick buck and are trying to broker all kinds of deals. But it is clear from the calls that we are getting that they have no clue about what kinds of lulavim will be cut, how they will be sorted, stored, packed or shipped and what the eventual quality will be.

So the wholesale price for a lulav could again reach $8. Will you be able to get one for $3? Perhaps, but by the time you have thrown out the ones that are no good because, simply put, no one knows what they are doing, this will cost you close the $8.

We, on the other hand have our supply, we have logistics and we know what it is we will be getting. If you are serious about investing in the establishment of a long term supply of quality lulavim and a logistical infrastructure, please contact us. We will also have a selection of lower grade Israeli Deri lulavim that will ceratinly exceed the quality of the Egyptian lulav.