What is the brown covering on the lulav? Is it mold?

Is the brown covering on a lulav normal? Is there something wrong with my lulav?

What customers are describing is a paper thin, brown, flaky covering that is most often seen on the back (non-smooth) side of the lulav and sometimes covers the entire tip. On some lulavim you can see this brown color in between the leaflets on the “smooth” side of the lulav.lulavcovering

This is called “moch”and is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about Think of it as the “baby hair” of the lulav. It is a sign that the lulav is pretty fresh. For some people, the moch is highly desirable.

Do watch out however for signs of mold. These are black patches that may develop between the leaves, especially if the lulav is stored in a place that is too warm and moist. If you do see a few small patches, you can remove it with a cloth dipped in dilute bleach. Keep an eye on it to make sure it does not spread.