Esrog Crop Excellent 5722/2011

Zaide Reuven’s Esrog Farm is anticipating an excellent season, at least with regards to esrogim. We have been informed by our partners that the crops for Temani (Yemenite), Chazon Ish, Braverman, Lefkowitz, Kivilevitz as well as for Yanaver (Italian, Calabrian) and Moroccan etrogim are excellent. Please place your orders early and call for bulk pricing.

Esrog & Lulav Sets

Esrog & Lulav Sets (Choose the best option below)

The 5773/2012 season is about to start. As with last year, the supply of lulavim is likely to be very unreliable. We have however commitments from our long time suppliers in California and Israel for the same excellent quality of lulavim that our customers know we can supply.

Because we took the lead last year in establishing an infrastructure to cut, sort, pack and ship Californian lulavim, we are receiving many inquiries for these now sought-after lulavim. We STRONGLY suggest that you place your orders early. We are also taking commitments with deposits from wholesalers NOW. we are asking that other wholesalers partner with us to help build the infrastructure needed to ensure a quality supply of lulavim in the long term.

ORDERS PLACED from Thursday 20th  2012 noon CDT onwards will not be accepted unless confirmed beforehand by direct phone contact – 469 939 5596.

We have secured an alternate supply in order to avoid last minute problems like the ones we experienced several years ago. ALL sets supplied will include a Californian lulav as standard; our prices have been adjusted accordingly.

All of our customers have agreed without hesitation to buy Californian or Israeli lulavim.

SHIPPING OPTIONS have changed. Please CLICK HERE for important updates and changes to shipping.


This year’s ESROG crop has been excellent and we anticipate receving high quality esrogim both from California and Italy (Yanaver). We can supply bulk orders from both sources. Please call us now to order 469 939 5596.